Never underestimate a girl.

We build robots. We dance. We code. We care. We get ready for where life will take us. Cancel that. We were born ready. This is a place to explore, to discover, to serve, to learn and lead. To meet sisters you never knew you had. To go places you never knew existed. We are grounded in our faith. We believe in justice, love and mercy, that if you can dream it, you can do it. Here every girl shines no matter who she is or where she comes from.

This is Pres.


 At Pres, our sisterhood lasts a lifetime and includes thousands of alumnae and students who will support and encourage you in school and in your career. Together we will help you make the most of your education, explore new interests, and discover who you truly are.


12:1 Student to Faculty/Staff Ratio

30+ Clubs and Affinity Groups

More than 120 Classes to choose from

99% of students go to college


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Stronger academic skills | Greater academic engagement
More self-confidence in scientific fields | More community involvement
Higher levels of cultural competency | Increased political engagement


90% of teachers hold advanced degrees

More than 30 STEM courses

25% of students receive financial aid

Honors/Advanced placement classes

in all disciplines*

*except PE and Religion


A Presentation Graduate is:

  • A Woman of Faith

  • Dedicated to Working with Others

  • Intellectually Competent

  • Committed to Personal Growth


 Graduates of all-girls schools have an academic and social edge over their peers. They are exceptional leaders who include three Secretaries of State, the first female Speaker of the House, the first viable female candidate for president, the first female astronaut, and the first woman to serve as a U.S. Army General. Research shows that all-girls schools, like Pres, graduate women who perform higher in many contexts.


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